Coming into Your Own

This is a phrase that I was unfamiliar with a few months ago, but given the context, I was able to figure it out. Another year has passed and the older I get, the more I feel more assertive of the path I am on. It was hard to tell what the journey would be like 5 years ago.

The part of life that people don’t tell you about is the uncertainty that surrounds you as you are growing up. Nobody has it all figured out. It maybe seem like that from an outsider’s perspective — but we’re all just operating on our best guess. And for the folks who are older, they have more experience and time on their side to make better decisions. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are smarter; they’ve just seen more things than you have and experienced more joy and heartbreak. We learn from all our experiences — that’s the way of life which will guide you to come into your own soon enough.

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash



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Tina Tsang

Blog inspired by Seth Godin, who says to write every day no matter the content. ESFJ. Twitter cuts me off at 240 characters. Always a coffee in hand.