Everyday Heroes

It would be almost impossible for anyone to not know what today is. As the rest of the world watches our Election Day, let’s not forget the everyday heroes who have stepped up to the plate this year. (And for some, volunteering their life — no, that is not meant to be an exaggeration.)

  • Thank you to the doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly to treat over 9.3M coronavirus cases. (Again, that number continues to be staggering.) We were never fully prepared for a pandemic to hit — in my head, it always seemed more fictional than real.
  • Thank you to the postal workers who have been handling mail-in ballots for the past weeks of early voting. It’s been a historic turnout.
  • Thank you to the grocery store workers who have had to deal with all the new protocols and wiping down shopping carts and baskets. To the shift managers who made sure there was enough people working and inventory was fully stock, we appreciate you.
  • Thank you to the teachers who are risking their lives to teach their students in-person, for the folks who wanted to go back to school. And also, to the teachers who have developed a better sense of patience while handling virtual education for the past few months, we see you.
  • Thank you to the everyday parents who were not cut out to be teachers. (That’s the whole reason why we send kids to schools.) Hopefully, you now have developed a better understanding and appreciation to your kids’ teachers.
  • Thank you to the caregivers at senior living facilities and also the ones who had to quit their jobs to take care of someone in their home. Your work does not go unnoticed. You strap on your PPE and continue to do the damn job to take care of your most elderly folks.
  • In the spirit of Election Day, thank you for the poll workers volunteering to make a difference today and in the past days of early voting. It was inspiring to see many, young and old, citizens raising their hand and devote themselves to a cause. This has given me and others hope.
  • Thank you to the folks who are going out there to vote. I can’t speak to everyone’s story, but we all have a different story and they are all important. Every voice needs to be heard, and every vote counts.
  • Many, many more people who have put themselves on the line.

As for today, let’s focus on things that we have control over. We have control over our breaths — remember to breathe. We are all feeling all the emotions. If this year 2020 could be summed up into a week, this would be it.

Take care. xxx

Photo by Kutan Ural on Unsplash



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Tina Tsang

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