As people around the country sat at their dinner tables tonight, we all notice that it’s different this year. Given the circumstances, we have all had to adjust in some shape or fashion to make sure we were celebrating this holiday safely — whether it may be less people in the household, eating outdoors, or simply like us, it was just the two of us this year + a dog.

I am reminded every year that we shouldn’t just give thanks on one day out of the year. This year has been extraordinary on so many levels, in ways we couldn’t even imagine last year as we sat around our dinner tables.

Expressing gratitude has been a practice this year, unlike any other year. We all miss the small moments — the moments we all took for granted. The simple hug, meeting up with friends and gathering in someone’s house to celebrate the holidays seem so, so long ago.

But this makes us cherish them even more, once we can get to the other side. It makes me be grateful for all the small moments in between, and not just the tentpole holidays that roll around during this time of year.

Thank you to all the remarkable and amazing people out there, who have made a difference this year no matter how small. And to those who have lost someone or someone who couldn’t physically be together this year, know that our hearts will be with you during this holiday time.

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