Knowing When to Stop

Leaders need to inherit a level of strict discipline. We had talked earlier about the importance of self-awareness when it came to leadership. Discipline is its sibling.

With a strong sense of self-awareness, we need to learn when it’s a good time to stop and let go. Ambitious people work very hard to climb that mountain, but once you’re at the top, that’s a good time to evaluate what’s important and if you are satisfied with what you have. There will always be more mountain tops for you to climb, but you won’t have the same energy. Time and age is something we cannot control. We need to accept that sometimes it is better to go out on top and have someone else take the helm to make things even better.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash



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Tina Tsang

Blog inspired by Seth Godin, who says to write every day no matter the content. ESFJ. Twitter cuts me off at 240 characters. Always a coffee in hand.