A title that I didn’t think I would inherit since my parents never let us have any pets, besides the one goldfish. Owning a pet has taught me many lessons — the most important one being showing compassion to creatures who may be on a lower hierarchy than humans.

It took me over a year to get use to having a dog. Actually, I started with two dogs, which in hindsight was very overwhelming for someone who never had a dog and was going through a big move to a different city. This dog and I have come such a long way. After all the little things we do during the day (going on walks every morning, feeding him right after, his ears perking up after the trigger words such as ‘outside’, ‘treat’, and feeding him a dental stick at night before bed), you really start to develop a relationship.

The way you treat animals and pets show a lot about someone’s character. I’m glad I had the opportunity to own a dog. If anything, picking up after your pet after they do their ‘business’ shows others that you’re not a jerk.

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