First off, happy International Women’s Day to all the badass, fearless ladies out there. We should be celebrated every day, but especially today. We are doing it all. 💜

We are all a part of a system, whether it be our network, our company, or just a community. When we’re part of something, it’s hard to see the outside from the inside. The way that we’ve perpetuated certain stereotypes because that’s the way we’ve been taught in media and society. It’s definitely time to abolish the way things have been done previously and start to unlearn the many years of how we were brought up.

After watching Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry last night, it sparked a lot of feelings and thoughts in my mind. The people that we surround ourselves with have naturally engrained their biases on us. And to go against them?

It’s a daunting task, no one said this challenge will be easy, perhaps it may also be scary at times. It will feel awkward and we will question ourselves and second-guess ourselves. We will make mistakes, but we should find some grace in that. We will rise up and do the right thing. And the right thing here, is to continue to challenge the way things have been done.

Fortune favors the bold. It’s about time.

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