Video Off

As work from home becomes more prominent in the next few years, it will be interesting to see how people communicate with their body language in real life. We have now normalized having our camera off while we hold these virtual meetings. Maybe at first it was cool to see everyone’s living space, but that newness has worn off after almost a year sitting in front of a computer screen.

Having your camera off and only deciphering the person’s tone of voice on the other side is challenging. We can’t see how they are reacting to our statements. You’d think that would help in discerning the message more clearly because we have to rely on audio. The visual also helps a lot in getting to the core of the message.

For me, I can’t wait to have face-to-face meetings IRL again. But maybe, we can hold on the handshaking.



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Tina Tsang

Blog inspired by Seth Godin, who says to write every day no matter the content. ESFJ. Twitter cuts me off at 240 characters. Always a coffee in hand.